We love collaborating with musicians, artists, models, MUA/HS, etc. Feel free to contact us if you wish to collaborate.

If you are interested in modeling for us, please provide us the following information and email to

We provide the makeup, hair, wardrobe and styling as well as photography, retouching, etc. As such, we do not pay for the collaborations but everyone involved gets images for their portfolios.

Facebook or portfolio link
Dress Size
Shoe Size
Hair Color
Eye Color
Can you do your own hair/makeup?
Comments (dancer,athlete,tattoos,etc...)

You will also need to send us photos so we can plan a shoot around your look.

All photos should be of the selfie-style, i.e. non-professional, un-retouched.

NOTEIf you are under 18 do *NOT* send a bathing suit photo.

  1. head shot
  2. head and shoulders 
  3. If over 18, send a bathing suit or crop-top/boy shorts. Note - We work with models of all sizes so if you are unsure about this, feel free to substitute a suitable full length picture of your choice. We just want to get an idea of your look, your figure, etc.
  4. If under 18 DO NOT send a bathing suit picture. Instead, send a full length picture in jeans.