Our life with Roxi.

When my eyes first gazed upon her,
I didn’t think much of her,
Shy, bony and fragile,
Not what I was looking for.
We took her home that day,
On a trial basis,
As usual, Sandra seeing the big picture,
And I not seeing the forest.
She wiggled and wormed her way,
Into our hearts and soul,
The way she looked at us,
The way she aimed to please.
We fell madly in love,
As did she,
And a match,
Made in heaven was born.
She taught us how to live,
How to love,
How to play,
How to be unselfish.
And then one day she was gone,
Us feeling empty,
But looking back at the brief time we shared together,
We feel lucky,
To have not just existed, 
But to have lived,
With the joy,
Of the life we shared with Roxi.
What we miss about her.
  • the jingle of her tags as she walks through the house
  • shoveling a path through the snow for her
  • the sound of her growling when we played
  • the vocalizing she made in her throat when she tried to talk
  • the sound of her play-yipping when we played
  • the way she would play-bite when we wrestled but never bit hard
  • the chupakabra and how she would growl and viciously bark when we played but would lick my face if I got too close
  • the way she sat at the spare bedroom window and watched the front yard
  • the way she sat at the back window and watched the back yard
  • the way she smelled when I nestled into her fur
  • the way she would sneak into the kitchen and get treats when Sande wasn't looking
  • the way she loved peanut butter
  • giving her greenies when we left the house
  • her unadulterated innocence
  • the way she smelled like Frito cornchips when she needed a bath
  • the way she dug to china around the trees
  • her always looking for chipmonks in the back yard
  • the way she ignored squirrels and birds and ducks
  • her little snobby ways when we were around other dogs
  • the way she would jump up on me when she needed to go out
  • the way she would jump up on me when she wanted a snack
  • the way she would would try to jump up on clients who were being photographed
  • the way she would jump up onto the chair, settee or ottoman when we were trying to photograph someone on it
  • the way she would upstage the models we were photographing. I think she knew she was always the most beautiful model
  • how how she guiltlessly laid on the dining room table
  • how she loved Sande *MOST* of all
  • how she and I would take naps together
  • how she slept in her tent when it rained
  • how she would get scared when it thundered
  • how she would run away when I played guitar too loud
  • how she would run away if we were watching a movie with loud noises
  • seeing her under the chair at the foot of the basement steps when she was feeling insecure
  • how she would lay in Peewee's cage when we were baby sitting him
  • how she sat by Sande's djembe when she played
  • how she loved to lick our faces
  • how she loved to have her belly tickled
  • how she loved having her feet rubbed
  • how she could not sit still for a minute if you tried to just pet her
  • how she would sit for 15 minutes if you were brushing her. She loved that.
  • how she loved riding in the car. It was probably her most favorite thing. Even if it was sitting in the car while we raked the leaves, shoveled the snow, etc.
  • how she would jump into anyone's car if it meant a chance of going for a ride. 
  • how fast she would run when she saw Quinn and Kyra
  • how all the kids from the neighborhood rang the doorbell to see if Roxi could come out to play
  • how she would run with me. She was so fast.
  • how she's roll over onto her back into a submissive posture when she thought she had done something wrong
  • how she ran from other dogs at the dog park and had the whole herd chasing her until she rolled over onto her back.
  • how she didn't need to be on a leash, or a runner
  • how she'd occasionally wander off into the woods
  • how she loved Jeremy even when he was too busy to play with her
  • how she tried to jump up into Jeremy's bed when he came home from school even though Jeremy didn't want her in there
  • how she scratched at the door to the guest room when we had company staying in there. 
  • how excited she was to greet you when you came home.
  • how she would "dump" me for Sande whenever sande came into the room. She loved Sande soooo much
  • how she would stick her head out of the window in the car
  • how she would lay next to the fireplace
  • how she would bark at Peewee - "LEAVE ME ALONE!!! RUFF RUFF RUFF"
  • how she would snuggle under the blankets in bed
  • how she loved it when I would cover her with a blanket or sheet and rough-house
  • how she loved to play tug-o-toy
  • how she would dominate (hump) her stuffed dinosaur
  • how she would lay her head on the pillow to sleep like she was a child
  • how she loved her peanut butter filled bones
  • how she loved her bully sticks
  • how she tried to go home with company when they left the house
  • how she loved eggs, carrots, corn on the cob, greenies, peanut butter.
  • how she'd try any food except lettuce
  • how she'd find the softest thing on the floor, table or chair and you could always find her laying on it.
  • her boundless energy, enthusiam and love for life.
  • how she would lay on our white, photographic background or floor, much to our chagrin
  • how she groomed herself like a cat
  • her little pooch belly
  • how she loved to go to the park
  • how she loved to go outside
  • how she'd lay on my lap for long periods of time, but only in the evening when she was sleepy
  • how she loved children and was attracted to the sound of their voices and play. She was a child at heart
  • how she would often have a bark-fest when I was recording guitar demo video.
  • how she loved to bask in the sun like a lizard
  • never knowing if her name was Roxy, Roxie or Roxi. (When we got her from the rescue, her name was Foxy)
  • the thought of not wanting to keep her when we first got her and then her totally winning over my heart)
  • walking through the woods with her.
  • walking in the creek with her.
  • going on trips with her.
  • having her hand me her paw when I would tell her, "Lie down"
  • teaching her how to "stay", "halt" and come
  • how she would stay in her yard
  • her devotion, love and friendship
  • her phobias, she was afraid of precipitation, noises, orange barrels in the street, fireworks, etc.
  • her chewing toothpicks. She would jump up and get them off my plate
  • and forgive her for chewing up my $299 ear-buds when I left them hanging within her reach
  • her chewing up pens and permanent markers
  • her going into Ultrecht
  • sitting outside of Presti's with her and eating lunch
  • her inquisitive nature
  • her embarrassing us by licking her !@#$
  • how she would come running when she heard your keys or you putting on your coat or shoes
  • her wearing her little coat in the winter
  • brushing her hair
  • her licking our hands to wake us up in the morning
  • her being so protective of our herd
  • how she'd shrug out of her collar and then sit patiently waiting for you to put it back on
  • how she'd bury herself in mountain of blankets. She would put them around her into a nest
  • how she would never eat our food. You could leave a plate of food on the floor and she wouldn't touch it.
  • how well trained she was.
  • teaching her how to go up and down her doggy steps even though she could easily jump up onto the bed
  • having a schipperke. They are the sweetest, most devoted pets.
  • how her feet would freeze up on the coldest days. First one paw would freeze, then another and then she'd fall over
  • how she hated motorcycles
  • how she ran off into the woods in the dark when Wayne and his buddies lit off a string of firecrackers
  • calling her all her little pet names like babe, monkey, ah-ma-roxi, roxalina-schipperkina
  • how she'd sometimes look like an old man
  • that one little pink spot on her mouth
  • how she'd snarl up her mouth on one side like elvis when we hand fed her
  • her little broken tooth
  • her little roxi fur
  • how she'd get fat in the winter and skinny in the summer